Friday, November 27, 2009


so i went to the rainbow gathering for a weekend in the golan hieghts.

i left a week later

gorgeous valley, with a spring coming right out of the rock

amazing people, clouds, nature

a real spirit booster

my zula down by the river,
labanae hanging in the tree
even had a nice living room

very hard place to find the motivation to leave

the rain brought out all the greens and sprouts

and the hills turned to magic

Yes. That is chocolate soup.
amazing chocolate soup at that with a little spice to it
in rosh pinnah, after climbing through recent ruins
coming down off the rainbow soar with some beautiful folk

a very good day.

oh yeah. my backpack.
got eaten up by TOXIC DEADLY ACID
the kind that in movies eats through doors and stuff
yeah killed my shit
so here's what i was carrying around until i found a nice
duffle at a sidewalk sale for ten shek...

tied together with bicycle innertubes and a plastic strap

meet the rainbow composter

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Na'ot Smadar,
crazy oasis kibbutz, way down in the desert.
practicing a very sustainable life style.
they eat goooooood. and silently
this is the art center almost finished.
made of reniforced mud brick and tons of custom plaster casts. amazing.

hard to see but the railing on the right is penguins
and to the left, owls


Hints of fennel seed.
Garnished with spring onions, avocado, zatar, and ground red peppers.

Babbah Ghanoush.
Hints of lemon zest.
Garnished with basil, yellow bell peppers, and ground red peppers.


snail moonlit moon walk

dark sky into bare mountain

the zula's calling