Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Being in Auroville is like somewhere inside outside of India. occasional trips to the nearby city (Pondicherry) or neighboring villages reminds you that India is still on your doorstep, where the general population lacks basic infrastructure like sewage management and clean water. Auroville, however, is like a forested playground, but all the attractions are hidden away in dense woods and you have to have the proper passwords (people) to gain access, or that's how it can feel anyhow. There are people here from all over the world and there is all kinds of investment in creativity. So, if youre passing through India, auroville is not really the kind of place you just drop in to visit (unless of course you got some contacts here), Auroville is the kind of place you drop in and set some roots down, a place to return to, a place to concentrate and develop in more ways than you can imagine.

As for me, i'm glad i made it here and saw what can happen, and all the potential projects for me to dive into,

But the road calls to me in her sultry voice on the tips of the wind, and soon enough i will heed

Auroville, I will return!