Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bethlehem Once Again

Was back to bethlehem to get my bag all stitched up (the one that got melted to pieces by poisonous acid) it was a strange cold day, and cloudy. rode a bike across the check point to the far off land just behind the hills of jerusalem. palestine they call it. arabs they call them. so close, yet worlds away...

the magic man stitching my bag. he was quick and brutal to all the things he mended but seemed to get the job done. agirl would walk in with boots that needed to be resoled, he'd throw my bag across the room grab the boot and smashingly tack it back together. resume, my bag. enter broken zipper, off across the floor my bag goes. zipper yanked off, flying through the air, new one installed money collected, happy customer. resume bag mending. it was an entertaining afternoon...

Desert Horizons Comfort Me

The balcony with a view
amongst sandy desert cliffs
this day we saw just about every color stone imaginable,
purple, green and plenty of orange

fossils littered the ground telling of old water filled excitement

"someone once asked me if i like meeting the woods better than the desert, i told them that i loved the woods, and a forest was like seeing a beautiful women in a pretty dress... But in the desert, you lay down with a naked goddess"

sleeping in some sand dunes
waking up to a lake at our cold feet

נ ג ה פ חנוכה


our mega sized hannukiah built of rusty metal and fastened to the water tanks

and firework entertainement for the neighborhood kids

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hummus of The Day

Tasty Salad!

Harvesting Camomille...

Yossi's Amazing Bread, Fresh Sprouted Grain Loaves. mmmmmmmmm

Ein Gedi

Fresh water springs near the dead sea

barren desert cliffs

fresh water draining to the sea


ים המלח

The Dead Sea

The Salt Sea

Whatever you call it, it's amazing

sara - as i lay back in the sea, looking up at the full moon, i had forgot about the whole floating thing, and when i felt the lightness carrying me away, i started laughing hilariously. i would have fell over if i was standing up. this place was one bajillion times better than the place we went earlier in the summer.

Dead Sea on the right

mineral spring running into the sea on the bottom

hot spring baths right on the beach