Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All In All

some images from the last couple months

1. one from the road
2. pneumonia springs (hot)
3. funny hitch hiking adventure (http://www.not2latetrip.com/)
4. breakfast ceremony


a few weeks back already
experimentation with the resident oven at the place i was workin
not a great design. the chimney was to large and even with the flew closed to much heat escaped for it to effeciently be able to bake bread. in fact, sometimes i would even have to take all the bread out, make a new fire, let it burn down to coal, and then close it up again. uhhg. this led me to making bread in a pan over a burner (or fire). much faster, baked all the way through, and no ash everywhere...


previously i had just been tying less used items onto the side of my rack with an extra piece of tube, but i thought it was about time i got myslef some proper panniers.
bike shope are pretty understocked around these parts, and besides what fun is it to just walk in and have everything done for you? thought i'd do things the african way... with a jerry can. people walk for days, with these things tied to there backs to fetch water, so why not modify them to fit on me cycle? they are mounted using some scrap metal and scrap tubing. the tops are cut to open and have a little tube latch. i'll let you know how they fare on the open road!