Monday, June 18, 2012


my first ever production intended for sale

hand colored, signed and numbered

The new year is once again approaching. The summer gardens are overflowing and it's time to come together and count our blessings. This set of cards comes out of an appreciation for the subtle lessons of the heart that are embedded in the traditions of the jewish new year.

There are 90 sets, each hand colored, numbered and signed. All sets contain six prints; two prints of the three designs described below, a bonus print and envelopes for your postal pleasures. These images were drawn by hand using a ruler, but no compass, followed by a few minor digital edits for the printing process.

The Pomegranite - Tradition tells us that there are as many mitzvot (good deeds) to do as there are seeds to the crowned crimson fruit. Open your heart to all the possibilities!

Hamsah - Open your third eye and the cosmos will show you the way. Listen to the wind as it blows your heart across the moon.

Apple and Bees Work - The apple is round, as is the cycle of the seasons. Work hard and you will have something sweet to enjoy. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your tongue!

I hope these cards find you happy and healthy as we approach this new year. This set was inspired in Ethiopia, produced while cycling through Kenya, and hand colored and packaged in Jerusalem. A percentage of profits will be re-invested in the youth of east africa. Many thanks for your continued support! <3


greetings from no mans land

best not to go back the way you came
sometimes it's good to go back to were you've been

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


from the mountains to the sea

hey mama africa
it was reall goood
thanks for granting me safe passage and genuine folks
with heart from the holyland


my buddy, ed 
and roadside slingshot salesmen