Monday, February 13, 2012


ok, some positive things about ethiopia:

you can buy 10 mangoes for 50cent
in a juice shop you can get a tall glass of pureed mangoe, avocado, or guava, served with a lime
sunsets are simple and pretty and the night sky is brilliant

Monday, February 6, 2012

No Malaria, No Problem

One week, and a couple hundred dollars, and I managed to put together a scappy, but road worthy bicycle, to carry me 650km south through ethiopia. About halfway through, sleeping by some hot springs, I developed a nasty cough, which by the end of the next hot day had wiped me out. In the mean time, I was resting by rasta springs in the mountains surrounding wondo genet. A woman who sounded like a turkey stole my towels and taunted me and the incessant "moneymoneymoney," began to wear on me in my weakened state. Now I am bitter, and recovering from pnemonia, and trying to be as positive as possible in this hot, dusty country. tomorrow i should arrive at the farm, we shall see how it goes...