Friday, September 10, 2010

Birfday Best

another revolution completed, and, wow, i could not have done it alone
please pass the message on to people i missed or didn't have the address for (specifically mikey, gary-san, and extended famo)
i hope this note finds you in good health and high spirits, 
and although i may be thousands of miles away
across oceans and continents,
valleys and mountains,
i keep you all close to my heart always,

keep on,

to the mentors, teachers, elders, experts

to those who helped me and those i have helped 

to friends, peers, students

to bicycles, adventurers, vagrants, intellectuals

to story tellers, musicians, artists, architects and craftspeoples

to farmers, bakers, cooks

to sisters, brothers, aunts, cousins, uncles

to our mothers, extended mothers, and grand mothers

to our mother whose firm surface we ride and sweet fruits we eat

to our fathers who planted the seeds

to the great big sky, everything under and beyond

to the waters, moon and tide

to the winds, rains, sun and season

thank you for your patient guidance

thank you for the fruits of our labors

thank you

(שנה טובה to the members of the tribe, a happy, healthy and sweet new your to you)