Monday, January 25, 2010

Ride Like an Egyptian

A guy on the street said, " to walk like an a Egyptian, you close your eyes and walk across the street." its funny because Cairean traffic is madness. Cars speed up when they see pedestrians and honk constantly, short warning beeps.

So, to ride like an egyptian? In Cairo it seems this means you need to tower crates of food on your head and ride casually through whirling traffic. Luxor, you gotta deck out you handle bars with all kinds of accessories, and very loud horns. And Sinai, well, in Sinai you just cheeeel.

Forever Bikes

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Egypt, Second Time

whoa. EGYPT. crawling out of sinai after much visa hassle, it was a relief to meet cairo's smoggy embrace. she introduced me to the begining of my experience of the real egyptian hospitality, full of warmth and genuine care. from home cooked meals, tons and tons of tea in the street, and bus stop sheesha and cheese. a crazy adventure this has been, I LOVE YOU EGYPTIANS!


first bike ride of the new year took my to the ancient hill fortress of tel lakhish. i kinda just stumbled upon it. here is a picture of me with the ghost tree. spoooooky.

ancient walls, few thousand years old

First Hummus of the New Year

Five Pointed Standard Hummus

Multi-leveled Tahina

Special, Sun Dried Toemato Hummus