Monday, April 12, 2010

Abu Fahkri's Lab

so, been in an anti internet vortex for awhile.

I've been living outside jerusalem, in the house of Abu Fahkri, a stone craftsman and artist who shaped the capitals of columns of the old city of jerusalem for more than 30 years. we are staying there and rehablilitating the place with the help of Abu Fahkri's amazing son.

The place is situated in "no mans land," the military zone that seperates israel from the west bank, in this case bethlehem. This zoning title prevents both palestine and israel from developing the land, consequently the nature is able to thrive. the valley we ovelook is filled with ancient agriculture modes (terraces) and the occompanying buildings (now ruins) of the people who used to maintain this land.

The Lab consists of a few terraces, a plethora of fruit trees, a garden we dug and planted for summer eats, a stone house, a glass veranda, and a painting studio in the works. In addition to regular living ammenities like kitchen, bedrooms, and living room (to be the Abu Fahkri Museum) it is a perfect canvas for experiments in sustainable and artful living. Already, we have the garden being fed off rainwater, and there are designs for future greywater systems and composting toilets...

apply for your fall residency now...

from the driveway

from the roof

quarry in the valley

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